Have you ever wondered if you or your children will need braces? This may be a question you have asked your pediatric or family dentist or something they may have mentioned to you. Most common orthodontic problems can be caught by a dentist or pediatrician. However, the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that all kids be seen by an orthodontic specialist at age seven for a comprehensive exam.

Signs Your Child Will Likely Need Braces

There are some signs that indicate that orthodontic treatment may be needed. The first sign is spacing or gaps in the teeth. Some spacing is normal and considered to be healthy. However, if you have a missing tooth or teeth that are too small for the mouth braces may be needed. Too much spacing can lead to gum disease and issues with eating.

Another sign is a misaligned bite. When you bite down, your back teeth should touch comfortably and your top teeth should rest over your bottom teeth. There are three main issues with bite that most orthodontists suggest to be corrected. A crossbite occurs when your front teeth cross each other. An open bite occurs when your front teeth are too far in front of your bottom teeth. An underbite is when your front teeth rest behind your bottom teeth.

Last, crowding of teeth is another sign. If you teeth seem squished together or some of them face different directions, this is a sign of orthodontic treatment being needed. It is important that you are able to clean as much of your tooth’s surface as possible. If your teeth are crowded together, this makes cleaning difficult and gum disease more likely to happen. Straight teeth are often more than just a cosmetic choice. Your overall health is directly connected to the health of your mouth and we are here to help you, one smile at a time!

What Should I Do If I Think I Need Braces?

If you feel like you or your child may need braces, the best thing to do is schedule a complimentary exam with Jay Harris Orthodontics! After the exam, Dr. Harris will review all findings with you and suggest a unique treatment plan for your situation. We will discuss options and find the best one to fit your budget. Call us today to get set up!