Life is full of choices. Some of them are harder than others and require more thought than something like what to wear or what to make for lunch. Choosing the right orthodontist for yourself or your children is one of those that you can’t make on a whim. But, do not be overwhelmed! We are here to help you understand what questions to ask when researching which orthodontist is right for your family.

What is their education?

Technically speaking, orthodontists are not the only providers who can treat someone with braces. And while that is true, it does not mean that all providers are the same. Why? It all comes down to training and expertise. Did you know that orthodontists actually go to dental school like a general dentist and then keep going? It’s true. Orthodontists, like Dr. Jay Harris, have undergone 2-3 additional years of orthodontic school after dental school. That’s why your best choice for braces is always going to be an orthodontist over a general dentist or an online service. Dr. Harris has undergone the proper education and training to treat any orthodontic issue, and has many years of experience under his belt.

What treatments are offered? 

It is an exciting time to be thinking about orthodontic treatment. In the past, options were limited based on technology and what services had been developed. Now, there are state-of-the-art treatments that reduce treatment time and maximize results. We’re proud to offer all of the most innovative orthodontic treatment options. We prioritize staying up-to-date and educated on all of the latest technologies and treatments. From bracesInvisalign clear aligners, adult treatment and more we offer our patients a variety of services. We are happy to help you determine which treatment plan will best meet your needs.

What is the office environment? 

Choosing an orthodontist office where you feel comfortable is important. First of all, take note of the details of the office when you visit. Is it clean? Do they wrap and sterilize the instruments between patients? Is the staff happy and friendly? We always make it a priority to provide a fun and comfortable environment for our patients and their families. We also try to take any stress or anxiety out of the picture so that you can receive the best treatment in a calm and comforting environment. Be assured, we adhere to the highest sanitation and cleaning standards.

Where are they located? 

Next, location is another factor to consider. Orthodontic treatment requires more frequent visits than a general dentist does, so it is important that you choose and orthodontist who is conveniently located. Our office is easy to get to for most people. We are conveniently located off US 80 and near Highway 185.

What about consultations? 

Consultations are not handled the same way at every office. Some orthodontists may not have an available first visit appointment for months. Other offices may charge a fee, which can sometimes be expensive, for your initial consultation. Our office offers free, complimentary consultations in a timely manner.

The right choice. 

Choosing the right orthodontist is an important decision. It would be our honor if you considered, and hopefully choose, Jay Harris Orthodontics for your family’s orthodontic needs. Click or call to request an appointment. We would love to meet you and go through your treatment options!