If you experience an orthodontic emergency that you are unable to fix on your own, please feel free to call us at our emergency number: (706) 289-8500. We will schedule you for a repair appointment as soon as possible.

You can also review the information below to fix the problem at home. Be sure to check out our blog for additional info on avoiding orthodontic emergencies 

Irritating Wire

To relieve the pain temporarily, place wax over the part of the appliance that is making you uncomfortable. If that doesn’t work, cut the wire with sterile scissors or nail clippers. Be sure to call us to make a repair appointment.

New Spaces between Your Teeth

Don’t worry! As your teeth move, this is fairly normal, particularly when you first begin treatment. We will close them as you progress through treatment.

Teeth Feeling Loose

You should expect this throughout your treatment. It is completely normal! Teeth have to become loose before they will move. When you’re treatment is done, they will become fixed in their new positions.

A Separator Comes Out

Separators help open spaces to fit bands. Contact our office, and we’ll let you know whether you need an appointment to have a new separator placed.

If a Bracket Loosens from a Tooth

Call us to see if we can fit you in for a repair visit. Broken appliances slow your treatment time and must be repaired quickly.

Why You Need Rubber Bands

You must wear your bands to make sure your treatment stays on track. If you forget how to put them on, please call us for help.

If You Experience a Mouth Injury

You should call your dentist as soon as possible. After visiting your family dentist, call us so we can fix any teeth that moved or damage to your appliances. If you can’t get in touch with your family dentist, we will be happy to help you.