Common Problems

Do you have…

…a lower jaw that extends out?

You may have an underbite, which causes the upper-front teeth to sit behind your lower-front teeth. This can cause to jaw pain, speech impediments, and changes to your mouth structure.

…upper-front teeth that extend out?

You may have an overbite, which causes the upper-front teeth to sit over your lower-front teeth. This can cause the lower-front teeth to bite into the roof of your mouth and affect the way you talk and chew.

… teeth that don’t overlap?

You might have an openbite. This makes it difficult for you to close your mouth properly. This can change the way you bite, chew, and swallow. You might also have a speech impediment or have trouble closing your lips around your teeth.

…upper teeth that sit inside the lower teeth?

You may have a crossbite, which causes your teeth to either grow closer to the cheek or the tongue. If you don’t seek treatment, this can cause pressure on the jaw joint, head and cheek pain, a clicking or popping when your mouth opens and closes, and temporo-mandibular joint disorder (TMJ).

…gaps in between teeth?

It’s possible that you have spacing problems possibly caused by teeth that are missing or simple cosmetic problems. If you have gaps between your teeth, you may have speech problems or find yourself trying to hide your smile.

…crowded teeth?

Each tooth may need more room to erupt from your gums. With crowded teeth, you may have trouble cleaning your teeth. Plus, your teeth may trap more food and plaque than normal, which causes gum disease.

…a back bite that doesn’t fit properly?

You may have mismatched dental midlines, which can interfere with proper jaw function.

If so, request an appointment and let Jay Harris Orthodontics give you a beautiful new smile!