Do you need braces?

We use the latest technology to bring you multiple braces options. Our goal is to reduce treatment time and increase your comfort level. Do you experience crowding that makes it difficult to brush and floss? Do you suffer from an overbite, crossbite, or openbite? Serious problems like these can make it difficult to chew or speak, but we can help!

Thanks to digital imaging and advanced computer graphics, we can custom-fit appliances just for you. We also offer the latest invisible, ceramic options. So you can confidently complete treatment without feeling like your appliances are wearing you.

iTero® Element™ Intraoral Scanner

At Jay Harris Orthodontics, we use iTero scanner to create your beautiful, straight smile without the mess!

Some practices use conventional dental impressions that are messy and inaccurate. Why suffer through gagging and discomfort?

With the iTero scanner, we can take clean, precise digital impressions. The scanner quickly captures the exact structure of your teeth and gums without radiation! This provides you with a faster, more precise treatment and appliances that fit your teeth.

Contact us today for an exam. We can determine the right treatment for your needs!