Getting braces is a unique and lengthy process, personalized to fit each patient’s individual needs. Before you receive your actual brackets, you’ll need to ensure a you’ll have a perfect fit. Here at Jay Harris Orthodontics, we’ve done away with the old method of fitting by providing state-of-the-art iTero® scanning!

How does iTero® scanning work?

iTero® scanning works by creating a 3D image of your teeth with a non-invasive wand scanner. In the past, patients had to sit through a tedious process of creating physical impressions in a gooey, messy medium. These impressions had the possibility to be inaccurate, despite the work that went into them. With iTero®, we can get an accurate rendering of your teeth in minutes, without the mess and discomfort!

Whether you are looking for traditional braces or clear aligners, iTero® will help make the process easier for you and simpler for your orthodontist.

Want more info?

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Watch the video below to see how iTero® scanning works!