Orthodontic emergencies can stem from broken appliances to severe pain. These emergencies can occur when you bite into chewy, hard foods or become injured from a fall or other impact. Thankfully, you can prevent most orthodontic emergencies from even occurring. To keep your braces and appliances in proper shape throughout treatment, review these tips.

Avoid Hard Foods

Crunchy, chewy, sticky, and hard food and candy can damage your braces. It’s best to eat soft foods, take small bites and cut up large items; such as apples. If a bracket does break while you are eating, you will need to schedule an appointment with us to get it fixed. Many times, a broken bracket is not an emergency and can be fixed at your scheduled 7-week appointment.

Remember to Brush and Floss

Remember to brush and floss daily, preferably after every meal. If food becomes trapped in your braces and teeth, plaque can form, leading to painfully red and swollen gum. Not only are unhealthy gums uncomfortable, over time they can lead to gum disease. You will thank yourself later when your braces come off and reveal healthy teeth and gums!

Protect Teeth with a Mouth Guard

If you play sports, it’s essential to protect your teeth and appliances with a mouth guard. Mouth injuries are incredibly common during sports, so it’s better not to risk it. During your next appointment, let us know if you need a mouth guard. We have orthodontic approved mouth guards at our office for no extra charge!

Even if you practice these tips, you may still experience an emergency. If this happens, feel free to contact our office and we will schedule you an appointment to see Dr. Harris!