Orthodontics can give you the beautiful, straight smile that you desire. But there are more benefits to orthodontic treatment than simply aesthetics. We’ve compiled a list of ways orthodontics can change your life!

Decrease Cavities

Crowded teeth can make it difficult to efficiently clean the entire surface of every tooth. Even with floss, you may find it difficult to get hard-to-reach places between the teeth clean. Patients with crowded teeth tend to have more cavities and an increased risk for tooth decay. With a straight smile, we can improve the state of your overall dental hygiene.

Reduce TMJ Discomfort

If you wake up to a sore jaw, chances are you suffer from TMJ. Some patients try over-the-counter medications and heat or cold packs to ease TMJ symptoms but to no avail. Orthodontic treatment may help eliminate the pain and headaches associated with this disorder.

Improve Bite Problems

Orthodontics can improve the alignment of your bite by helping the teeth and jaw fit together properly. Do you or your child have problems with common tasks like speaking or eating? If so, we can examine your teeth and jaw and fix any alignment problems to improve your every-day life.

Do you or a family member snore? A misaligned bite can also affect your snoring habits. With orthodontic treatment, some patients experience less snoring and reduced sleep apnea symptoms thanks to improved jaw structure.

Increase Confidence

Do you feel self-conscious about your smile? Perhaps the best benefit of a straight smile is the newfound confidence you will feel after the braces come off. For adults and children alike, a beautiful smile is the ultimate investment in your self-esteem, paving the way for a happier future.

Contact our office to schedule an appointment today. We are excited to start you on the path to a healthy smile for life!