We Love Our Teachers!

It is no secret that everyone in the world right now is suffering amidst the current pandemic. Jobs have been lost, families are entering into a whole new way of life, and in addition to it all- school has moved to online learning. While this greatly affects kiddos and their families, teachers have been unsung heroes! It has been unimaginably difficult for students to transition to remote learning, but teachers have consistently maintained impacting the lives of their students virtually. How incredible that we live in a community where our teachers have been able to take unprecedented circumstances, and completely adapt their lesson plans to fit the needs of their precious students at home.

How Can We Serve the Teachers of Our Community?

In a time where it seems like we are helpless, there are still ways we can love and serve our teachers. A great way to show our appreciation to the educators of Columbus, Georgia is simply by doing our best to make their job easier! By encouraging our kids to take online learning seriously, and cooperating as best as possible with this new way of teaching. A simple thank you email to your teacher can go a long way. We can use all the love and patience we can get during this hard season. We are so grateful for every teacher who continues to serve and teach young minds. This too will pass, and when it does, we will have teachers to thank for their dedication to our children’s education.