Do you wake up in the morning with a sore jaw, earache or dull headache? You may be grinding your teeth at night!

What Causes Teeth Grinding

Don’t worry! Nighttime teeth grinding is a fairly common occurrence, and everyone grinds their teeth at some point or another – whether we realize it or not. While we do not know exactly what causes it, many people attribute teeth grinding to elevated stress, dehydration or excessive stimulants such as caffeine. Medication and poor bite have also been linked to nighttime teeth grinding.

Occasional teeth grinding, called “bruxism,” is normal and perfectly okay. However, if you grind your teeth regularly, this can cause serious damage to your smile! Once the enamel, the hard, protective layer of your teeth is gone, they are more susceptible to cavities and damage.

How we can help stop night time teeth grinding

Night guards and Sprints

You can wear night guards at night to protect your teeth. This provides a buffer to protect your teeth and reduces the damage that grinding causes. The guard also helps teach the muscles surrounding the joint to relax, reducing the urge to grind.


Did you know a poor bite could cause teeth grinding? If your teeth are not aligned properly, it creates a perfect environment for teeth grinding and a damaged smile. Orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth may help resolve bruxism and its symptoms of jaw pain, tooth pain and chronic headaches.

If you are experiencing problems with bruxism, or experiencing the symptoms of teeth grinding, come visit Jay Harris Orthodontics. We can provide solutions to protect your teeth and save your smile.

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