Rubber bands are an integral part of effective orthodontic treatment. To make sure your treatment plan runs smoothly, we strongly encourage you to wear your bands as prescribed.

A Crucial Force for Your Teeth

In most cases, rubber bands connect the brackets and hooks to the teeth. This provides a firm yet gentle force on your teeth and gums to adjust misalignment. Depending on your treatment plan, you will need to wear your bands all day and night, except when you’re brushing. Keep them in during meals unless they will restrict your ability to open your mouth all the way to bite into food. After meals, we recommend that you replace your bands with a fresh, clean set.

You should also wear your bands if you are active in sports. If you’re playing a full-contact sport that requires a mouthguard, then you can remove your bands during practice or a game and put them back in immediately when you’re done.

As you go throughout your day, your bands will slowly lose their elasticity. Be sure to change to a new set every 12 hours or so to continue to add pressure to your teeth and jaws.

Effects of Not Wearing Your Bands

Even after knowing the importance of not wearing your elastic bands, you may forget them one day or decide you don’t feel like putting them in. It’s not a big deal, right?

Wrong! Adjusting your bite is a lengthier, more difficult process than simply adjusting large spaces or crowded teeth. Not wearing your bands increases your risk for a longer treatment and even additional costs. So, no matter what, keep wearing your rubber bands!

If you have any questions about your braces or treatment plan, contact our office at any time. Our goal is to improve your smile as quickly as possible.