Jay Harris Orthodontics needs your vote! We are a finalist in the 2018 Readers’ Choice Best of Contest and the voting period has begun!

To place your vote, follow these instructions:

1. Go to the link http://led.secondstreetapp.com/2018ReadersChoice/
2. Choose the category of “Health & Fitness”
3. Scroll down to “Favorite Orthodontist”
4. Click on “vote” next to “Jay Harris Orthodontics”

Jay Harris Orthodontics is currently in the Best Orthodontist category and would be honored to serve as the 2018 Readers’ Choice Best of Best Orthodontist! Voting begins on Sunday May 20th and ends on Sunday June 3rd. Thank you for allowing the Jay Harris Orthodontic’s team to serve our community. We are honored for any votes that we receive.

Contact our office to schedule an appointment today. We are excited to start you on the path to a healthy smile for life!